Find Eat Drink "Interview Michael Madrigale"
January 2011

Q. How would you describe what you have done with the wine list at Bar Boulud?

A. What I am most proud of the wine list at Bar Boulud is a putting together a list of discovery wines from Burgundy, Rhone, Provence, Languedoc and Roussillion that are not only delicious and represent their respective regions but are also great values.

Q. What's your favorite classic and atypical food / wine pairing?

A. Classic is a Northern Rhone White like Hermitage Blanc and lobster with cream sauce. Atypical is trocken or halbtrocken Riesling with chicken tacos.

Q. When eating at other restaurants what gets you excited about a wine list?

A. What makes me excited are wine lists with a mark and the attitude of the one who put it together. A wine list where you can tell that the sommelier truly loves wine. Wine lists with a collection of the most sought after wines do not impress me. Neither do lists that reflect what's hot in the market at the moment.

Q. What drives you nuts with wine lists?

A. Wine lists that are well thought out with a deep selection, but do not have wines that are ready to drink for under $100.

Q. You have become known for creative approach to the Bar Boulud wine list, who else (in New York or elsewhere) is doing creative things with their wine lists?

HEARTH & TERROIR | Paul Grieco
Without a doubt - Paul has something to say and uses his wine programs as a soapbox for his opinions. He has influenced scores of young somms throughout North America.

ROUGE TOMATE | Pascaline Lepeltier
Easily one of the most charming and hard working sommeliers in city. I love her Loire selection, which I feel is a region totally deserving of more recognition. Also, her cocktail program with infusions and fresh pressed juices are extraordinary.